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Is It Time To Move On From Your TEM Provider?

Most organizations already work with a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider to gain improved visibility into their telecom environment, optimize efficiency, and generate cost-saving opportunities company-wide. That’s how it starts, but the honeymoon period can end quite abruptly, leaving organizations wondering what to do to right the ship.

If you’re having second thoughts about your current relationship with your TEM provider, look for these warning signs to determine if it’s time to move on to a vendor that delivers on the promises and expectations that a well-managed TEM program provides.


Is Security a Secondary Focus?

IT ecosystems are constantly under threat from hackers that are after sensitive corporate information and customer data. With the recent push to a work-from-anywhere environment, your business cannot rely on status-quo security to protect your company from data breaches. If you don’t trust your current provider to safeguard your TEM data, find a vendor that prioritizes security and is always up-to-date with the latest government and enterprise regulations.


Are You Just a Number?

Every business deserves to feel like requests are being heard, specific challenges are being addressed, and potential future problems are being anticipated and avoided. If you believe your TEM provider is not addressing your concerns and is simply going through the motions to manage your partnership, then they’re not giving you the time and energy your organization needs to be successful.


Have You Outgrown Your TEM Provider?

Your relationship with your TEM provider may go back many years, and a lot can change in that time. If your business has experienced sales growth recently and your workforce has expanded, your telecom environment is more complex than when you first started your partnership. Is your TEM vendor aware of industry changes and discussing newly available resources with you? If not, then you’re probably ready to move on to a TEM provider who is knowledgeable and encourages TEM technological advances that best fit your expanding organization’s needs.

Alternatively, your needs may have expanded to include managing more than just one type of telecom asset (e.g. wireless), and your current provider only specializes in one area. Expanding to include both wireless and wireline assets with one provider provides tremendous synergies in reporting, reduces duplicate data entry, and means one less provider for you to manage.

Is Their TEM Platform Flexible?

Your relationship with your TEM provider may have started out small and centered on your company’s wireless devices. But as your business evolves and expands, your TEM platform should follow suit. If your vendor is struggling to accommodate your full telecom environment that may now also include wireline devices, it’s best to find a partner that can deliver a flexible platform. Consider a TEM vendor that offers features such as portal access and workflow approvals that are configurable to your business.


Do You Suspect Billing Errors or Missed Opportunities for Cost Avoidance?

Is_It_Time_To_Move_On_From_Your_TEM_Provider_2A successful TEM partnership centers on cost-savings. Implementations and TEM programs differ across providers, so there’s no definite timeframe for when your company should be reaping the rewards of such a relationship. However, if you’re noticing too many billing errors falling through the cracks, it’s time to find a provider who is committed to solving these inventory problems by delivering up-to-date, customized reporting on your telecom environment. This ensures you’re in a position to achieve the cost-savings you deserve.

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You’ve invested a lot of time and resources in your company's telecom infrastructure. Unfortunately, not every TEM vendor can say the same. Some TEM providers are not suited to support the ever-evolving demands that organizations need to remain productive and efficient. While break-ups can be difficult, if any of the above warning signs seem familiar, your relationship may already be broken and it’s time to find a new one! Changing providers may be easier than you think.


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